This recipe is the same as the one I use for “tortillas”. However, I add a few ingredients to make it more breakfast or dessert like. We love to wrap fresh fruit and heavy whipping cream into these crepes. So good and filling!

You will need:

6 eggs

2/3 cups heavy cream

1-2 tsps. vanilla extract

Cinnamon to taste (optional)

coconut oil

In a bowl add all your eggs and whisk. Then add your heavy cream and whisk it into the eggs until well combined (add your vanilla and cinnamon at this point too). In a non-stick skillet heat 1-2 tbsps. of coconut oil over medium-high heat. Slowly pour in some of the egg mixture until it covers the surface. Let cook until the surface is just set. Flip the crepe carefully they will be thin. Cook for another 30-60 seconds. Remove from heat, top with whatever fresh fruits, syrup, butter, whip topping, be creative!

*This recipe for the “tortilla” “Crepe” is thanks to the TNT Diet book.

These are images of our breakfast version of the crepe. The second image is the same as the first just closed up and with sides. We had bacon and leftover sweet potato fries with it. Yum!

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