This Weeks Meal Plan

6 loads of laundry later… eh! However, I am feeling quite accomplished today! All 6 loads are done and folded and put away. That never happens! Hard boiled eggs, cooked bacon, and shortbread, done! Ready for the weeks breakfasts and snacks. Dinner ready and waiting for us. Grocery shopping done. Weekly meal plan done. School work done. And we are even getting ready to go for a walk before the storm rolls in! Amazing! 

Here is our weekly meal plan:


Hard boiled eggs


Strawberry shakes




Leftovers (Already in fridge cooked chicken breasts)

Cheese, fruit, lunch meat


1. Chuck Roast (Sunday)

2. Salmon and frozen broccoli

3. Burgers and broccoflower (will be my first time cooking it!)

4. Chicken and fresh green beans

5. Ground turkey and frozen peas and carrots

The order of these dinners may change and the veggies might get switched around but basically that is our plan. I don’t have a definite idea for some of the meats yet. But I always have what I need, and if not then it just means a quick stop at the store for one or two things. Over the next day or two I normally then formulate a recipe and know exactly what I am going to do. But this just makes the week so much easier and helps us avoid cheating!



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3 Responses to This Weeks Meal Plan

  1. Primal Toad says:

    Nice meal plan! So simple! Thats what its all about 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    Great plan….reminds me that when I plan ahead it does make eating a healthier and happier process….thanks Mari

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