Today it is so gorgeous outside! So I figured I better get a post up quick this morning, so I can spend the rest of the day outside! Planning to go for a walk/jog (still working up to jogging for long periods at a time) this afternoon! Last night we had bacon cheeseburgers for dinner, minus the bun of course! I love burgers because they are so quick and easy! Living on a budget we can’t afford the best of the best meats all the time. But hey I figure eating right is important even if you have to cut some corns, right? So lately I have been buying already made frozen burger patties at Sam’s Club. Definitely can tell the quality isn’t great but they work! And they are especially nice for those days when you forgot to pull meat out of the freezer for dinner, and its dinner time and you have nothing to cook, because you can cook them from frozen! Last night we just topped ours with cheese and bacon. Sometimes we add an egg to the mix, that’s really good too!

For a side we had Broccoflower! I don’t remember ever having had it before. But it was on sale this week and we are always looking for new veggies to try out! If you have never had broccoflower before it pretty much tastes just like the name. Partly like cauliflower, partly like broccoli, however it had a slight sweet hint to it. It was really good! And you can just cook it like cauliflower and broccoli. Last night I simply cut it up into florets placed the florets into a pan and filled the pan halfway up with water. Placed it on the stove, covered it, and cooked it over medium-high heat until tender. Probably about 15 minutes because I was cooking a lot. But if you are doing a small amount I would say lower the cook time to between 7-10 minutes. We served it with butter on top! Yummy!

One of the biggest complaints I hear about eating paleo/primal is how the meals are too complicated and take to long to make. But that is not true. This meal took maybe a half hour altogether to make! And it was good and completely paleo/primal! I think the hardest part is realizing that most likely your dinners are almost that way already, if you eat meats and veggies for dinners you are almost there. Just remember leave the bun, pasta, potato, off your plate and there you go! You have just made a paleo/primal dinner!

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