How to Cook and Store Hard Boiled Eggs

I have been talking about cooking and storing hard boiled eggs for the week, but never explained how I did this. One of my followers brought this to my attention, “So tell me, how did you make the eggs ahead and then store them for later use?” Great question!

I normally make anywhere from 8-10 eggs at a time. I start out by placing my eggs in a pan that is large enough for that many eggs to fit. I then fill it with water, until just the tops of my eggs are still exposed. Next I bring them to a boil on high heat, once boiling I reduce the heat to medium-high and continue boiling for about 6 minutes (takes longer because of cooking this many eggs). Once finished I remove from heat and begin running cold water into the pan. Then I set them aside and let them cool down completely. Once they are cooled, I go ahead and peel my eggs and place them in a bowl or tupperware¬†container. When I am all finished I get a few paper towels wet and slightly wring them out. I place my paper towels over my eggs to cover them (this is going to ensure that they stay moist and don’t dry out). Lastly, I secure a lid or plastic wrap over the bowl or container and store in the fridge. This definitely saves on time in the morning! And the eggs keep so well, you wouldn’t even know that you hadn’t made them that morning!

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