What is bareFIT?

It is a challenge that I have made to myself to get back in shape without the use of conventional gym equipment.  I plan on utilizing mainly body weight work and natural objects to achieve a level of fitness that is functional.   “Be strong to be free” When I read this post by Erwan Lecorre it spoke to a deep seated truth inside me.  I had had this idea of fitness and what it was for shoved down my throat.  You work out to look good and to be able to brag about how much you can bench press, or squat.  This never really made much sense to me, but hell what did I know all the magazines and books were focused on looking good moving a lot of weight so they must be right, right?  I tried numerous workout programs in the futile attempt to be like all the books told me to be.  Then I came across an article in Men’s Health magazine that featured MovNat.  This single article ended up being the turning point in my life.  I have still struggled with balancing everything, school, family, my health, and well school and family always came first so my workouts have been pushed to the wayside in order to make time to study and spend time with my family.  What I now realize is that if I want to be around and healthy enough to play with my kids as they get older and then later on with my grandkids I better do something about my health and the shape that I am in.  I recently turned 30 and took a hard look in the mirror and well I definitely wasn’t happy with what I saw.  So now I have made a vow to take to heart all the things that I have been reading about and truly believe in. I am going to take control of my life and my health and prove that you don’t need to have a gym membership or expensive equipment to get in shape.  You don’t need to have an hour each day to devout to the gods of the gym.  I plan on using mainly my own body and few pieces of equipment to achieve my goals.  Some of the things I plan on using are med balls, jump ropes, occasionally the rowing machine (for something fun), a heavy bag, and pull-up bars when I can’t find a tree limb.  I will also be incorporating some things like slacklining this is a great workout not to mention a riot.  While I won’t be following the crossfit methodology to the T I do respect it and think that it is great, I will use some of the great body weight workouts provided by the crossfit community.  My short term goal which I feel is important to have is to make to the October MovNat clinic and well, not die.  My long term goal besides getting health are to be fit enough to obtain my MovNat certification so that I can hold clinics of my own and spread the word about MovNat and the philosophy behind it .  I do plan on having this as major part of my practice once I graduate from Palmer.  I will document my journey to become bareFIT and I will share my thoughts and beliefs on fitness, health, health care, and diet.


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