Snack List

I remember when we first started the primal/paleo lifestyle and one of the hardest things was coming up with snacks! So I wanted to make a list of staple snacks in our diet. Not all of these are ideally paleo or primal but we also have to work off of a budget and have things that are convenient and fast!

1. Apples and cheese (cheddar, provolone, cream cheese, etc) (I love apples and cream cheese!)

2. Cottage cheese (either by itself or with pineapple or cucumber)

3. Bacon (I almost always have bacon already cooked in the fridge just waiting to be ate cold or warmed up)

4. String cheese

5. Carrots/celery or any veggie you like eating sliced and raw

6. Banana (by itself or with a nut butter or coconut butter)

7. Trail mix (with dried fruits no sugar added, assorted nuts, and sometimes carob chips or dark chocolate chips)

8. Frozen blueberries (just to eat or serve them in a bowl with heavy cream over the top, so yummy!)

9. Cereal with fresh or frozen fruit and coconut milk/almond milk/heavy cream over it. (See my cereal recipe)

10. Muffins (Look at Primal Blueprint Cookbook or everyday paleo)

11. Shortbread (see my recipe)

12. Hard boiled eggs (again you can almost always find already boiled eggs in our fridge ready to go!)

13. Avocados

14. Pepperoni (we love eating this by itself or having cheese with it)

Some of these things just require a little thought ahead of time. I like to make things on Sunday for the week, i.e. bacon, hard boiled eggs, muffins, shortbread, cereal, anything that requires cook time. Then its already to go and quick to grab!

*As for those things that are not ideally paleo or primal I figure do the best you can, choose things that are as close as you can get without breaking the bank. You just have to do the best with what you have! If it means you can’t afford to always buy unprocessed foods, just make good choices about what you buy. If you can’t afford to buy organic, I figure at least your still eating fruits and veggies! You get my point! Just don’t be to hard on yourself and do the best you can!


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