So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk

I am so excited! For those of you living near me you will understand this! I have been reading and reading all these blogs talk about So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk, but no one around here has carried it. On a whim tonight while we were at our local grocery store, Hy-Vee (locust), I went and looked in the dairy case in the health food section. And to my surprise they had it! Even the sweetened and the vanilla flavored too! This made my day! It is so good, and being a milk lover I have had a hard time giving milk up. But the coconut milk will help this! So tonight I am making homemade gluten free, wheat free crunchy cereal and having a bowl of it. Oh how I have missed cereal and milk! Can’t wait! Couldn’t wait to share this with all my fellow quad citians, especially those following the paleo/primal lifestyle!

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3 Responses to So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk

  1. Thank you for the lovely post. We’re delighted to know that you are enjoying our coconut milk beverages, and we hope you’ll continue to find delicious new ways to enjoy them. Please feel free to download some money-saving coupons for your next purchase:

  2. Keith says:

    I;ve been using the unsweetened version for the last year because of my advanced Crohn’s Disease (lacerated small intestine), soy allegy, and to pursue as inflammation-free a diet as possible. Then I read this today:

    “The Joint FAO/WHO expert committee on food additives states that, “based on the information available, it is inadvisable to use carrageenan or processed eucheuma seaweed in infant formulas”.[16] There is evidence from studies performed on rats, guinea pigs, and monkeys that indicates that degraded carrageenan (poligeenan) may cause ulcerations in the gastro-intestinal tract and gastro-intestinal cancer.[17] Poligeenan is produced from carrageenan subjected to high temperatures and acidity. The average carrageenan molecule weighs over 100,000 Da while poligeenans have a molecular weight of less than 50,000 Da. A scientific committee working on behalf of the European Commission has recommended that the amount of degraded carrageenan be limited to a maximum of 5% (which is the limit of detection) of total carrageenan mass. Upon testing samples of foods containing high molecular weight carrageens, researchers found no poligeenan.[18]

    A study published in 2006 indicates that carrageenan induces inflammation in human intestinal epithelial cells in tissue culture through a BCL10-mediated pathway that leads to activation of NFkappaB and IL-8.[19] Carrageenan may be immunogenic due to its unusual alpha-1,3-galactosidic link that is part of its disaccharide unit structure. Consumption of carrageenan may have a role in intestinal inflammation and possibly inflammatory bowel disease, since BCL10 resembles NOD2, mutations of which are associated with genetic proclivity to Crohn’s Disease.

    Carrageenan is reported to interfere with macrophage activity.[20][21][22]”

    Just great…I threw a bunch of boxes in the trash.

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